Celui qui rit le dernier, rit le mieux, salauds anglais!

Isabeau Pratte just defended her M.Sc. thesis at Acadia University in Wolfville, and by all accounts absolutely killed it!   

Isabeau has been with the HAGRG since 2013, and she has worked on a number of great projects over the years everywhere from Bylot, Nasaruvaalik and Prince Leopold Islands in the High Arctic, to who knows what weird marshes her supervisor Mark Mallory probably had her running around in coastal Nova Scotia. Her M.Sc. thesis however, focused on her studies of alcids on the Gannet Islands in Labrador, where she examined the biology and ecology of murres, puffins and razorbills nesting there. Her work there included tracking, isotope work and physiological measurements, so she pretty much did it all.

Isabeau is one of the most dedicated scientists we know, and we all wish her the best in her future endeavors! 

Félicitations Isabeau, sur un travail fantastique, et votre succès très bien mérité!!!