A new paper from the HAGRG led by Isabeau Pratte takes a look at a multi-year dataset to tease out the relationship between the nesting habits of Arctic terns and common eiders on Nasaruvaalik Island. The two most abundant species on the island (and among ground-nesting seabirds in the High Arctic) have totally different life histories and reproductive strategies, and yet they nest side by side in what may be a long-misunderstood relationship. Do eiders rely on terns for protection? Do terns even protect eiders? We'll save you the stats headache and get to the good stuff right here. This most recent paper coming out of Nasaruvaalik Island highlights the importance of long-term data collection - monitoring may not be as exciting as other high-tech fun and games, but it ultimately provides the kind of hard data that lets scientists learn about the more subtle patterns in nature. Nice work IP!