Plans for a Mount Rushmore style carving on Mt. Asgard are currently underway....

It is with extreme pleasure and pride that we welcome our most recent member to the High Arctic Gull Research Group. Iain Stenhouse is a world expert on Arctic birds, an old-school field biologist of the highest calibre, and an all-round awesome guy. He is currently the Senior Science Director at the Biodiversity Research Institute, and he has some serious High Arctic Gull tundra cred having pretty much laid down the foundation for Sabine's  gull research in Canada (and later Greenland). Iain and collaborators have also put out some of the hottest tracking papers (here and here) of the last decade, and his expertise is a welcome addition to our team. It should also be mentioned that if there was ever a worthy contender for second place after the undisputed champion of Arctic facial hair, Iain is solid competition. Welcome aboard Iain!