We love you too, Autumn-Lynn, but you are going to lose a lot of body heat walking around like that all day....

The High Arctic Gull Research Group is all about encouraging collaborations that bring together the best people to apply cutting-edge technology in order to study Arctic species. By this logic, Autumn-Lynn Harrison is kind of like the HAGRG represented in human form (as opposed to our more typical state as an amorphous cloud-like thing that smells vaguely of eiders). While most seabird people eventually come around to studying fish, Autumn-Lynn did the opposite - cutting her teeth tracking the denizens of the deep before stepping up into the rarified world birds. She holds a Ph.D. from University of California, Santa Cruz with a focus on the ecology and conservation of migratory marine predators of the North Pacific, and is now a Research Scientist with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and Program Manager of the Migratory Connectivity Project. Over the last few years, Autumn-Lynn has led a ton of projects focused on tracking a variety of species all across North America - most recently Glaucous Gulls from Barrow, AK.

Autumn-Lynn is an expert on bird tracking technology, and also making movement data universally accessible in order to raise awareness about the conservation concerns affecting many (if not most) migratory species. 

Welcome aboard!